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kevin hart

Kevin Hart Announces The ‘What Now’ Comedy Tour

Nov 20, 2014No Comments60 Views

For everyone who has been waiting to see what Kevin Hart plans to do next after his recent success, well he plans to show you

donnell rawlings

Exclusive: Donnell Rawlings Thinks Hannibal Buress Had Balls For Cosby Rape Allegations Joke

Nov 20, 2014No Comments128 Views

As things begin to grow surrounding the Bill Cosby rape allegations, Donnell Rawlings popularly known from The Chappelle Show recently shared his thoughts around the

patrice oneal

The 3rd Annual Patrice O’Neal Comedy Benefit Concert Announced

Nov 20, 2014No Comments114 Views

This coming February several comedians will take to the stage to remember the late Patrice O’neal. Comedian Bill Burr recently shared with fans the date


Faizon Love Says F*ck Hannibal Buress And Calls Him A House N*gga, Following Cosby Sexual Allegations

Nov 20, 2014No Comments410 Views

As the recent sexual allegations around Bill Cosby begins to grow in controversy, Faizon Love of 1995′s Friday shared some choice words directed at Hannibal

cedric the entertainer

Cedric The Entertainer Opens Up About The Darren Wilson Case

Nov 19, 2014No Comments163 Views

Cedric The Entertainer, who is a known St. Louis, MO native talked with the Wall Street Journal recently to discuss his latest. Apart of his

kevin hart will ferrell

First Look Pictures Of Kevin Hart And Will Ferrell In ‘Get Hard’

Nov 19, 2014No Comments219 Views

As discussed, Kevin Hart joined Will Ferrell back in April on set of new comedy ‘Get Hard’. In the upcoming film, Hart will play criminal

damon wayans

Damon Wayans Jr. To Perform Stand-Up With Dad, Damon Sr.

Nov 19, 2014No Comments400 Views

For those who didn’t know Damon Wayans Jr. of FOX’s New Girl is not a stranger to the comedy stage. In 2008, Wayans Jr. gave

tracy morgan

Tracy Morgan Still Suffering From Brain Injury

Nov 19, 2014No Comments193 Views

Out the injuries received by Tracy Morgan during his car crash in June, lawyers revealed that his brian injury continues to be one of his


Mike Epps Commends Dave Chappelle For GQ Cover

Nov 19, 2014No Comments171 Views

Though comedy is considered to have a highly competitive enviroment, every now and then we see moments of respect amongst comedians. Dave Chappelle’s recent cover

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Ian Edwards Talks New Comedy A...

Today Ian Edwards and the

Jun 10, 2014

10 Throwback Photos Of Dick Gr...

As it is being reported,

Aug 14, 2014
jay pharoah brandon t jackson

Jay Pharoah And Brandon T. Jac...

Brandon T. Jackson and Jay

Sep 09, 2014
anthony anderson

Anthony Anderson Stops By ESPN...

For his stop over at

Sep 26, 2014
mike epps

Mike Epps Talks With Earthquak...

For his stop through New

Nov 20, 2013


donnell rawlings

Exclusive: Donnell Rawlings Th...

As things begin to grow

Nov 20, 2014
chris rock top 5

‘Top 5′ Things A C...

Comedians of this era now

Nov 17, 2014

Comedian KDubb Ask, Can Your F...

As internet comedians make people

Nov 17, 2014

Comedy News

Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy To Get Serious In Upcoming Dramatic Film ‘Cook’

Nov 18, 2014No Comments207 Views

Like his past role in 2006′s Dreamgirls, Eddie Murphy will put the jokes on hold and take a more serious approach to things. In the

nick cannon pryor

Nick Cannon Says He’...

Guess Nick Cannon is determined to play stand-up comedy legend Richard Pryor one way or

Nov 07, 2014
dl hughley

DL Hughley Speaks On The ...

After sharing our story on white comedians being allowed to freely use the ‘N-Word’ at

Oct 29, 2014
bill cosby hannibal buress

Woah: Hannibal Buress Wan...

Interesting news coming out of Philadelphia. As Hannibal Buress makes some stops for his newly

Oct 20, 2014
on set blackson epps

Michael Blackson, And Mik...

Guess we can be getting ready for the return of another classic scene featuring Michael

Oct 15, 2014

Comedians Under The Radar


Nore Davis Announces Debut Comedy Album ‘Home Game’

Nov 18, 2014No Comments395 Views

Rising comedian Nore Davis, has finally got a chance to offer his fans a comedy album. On November 28th with Rooftop Records he will debut

Screen shot 2014-11-18 at 11.56.38 AM

Comedians Willie Lynch Jr...

On an episode of talk series “Kickin The Blah Blah Blah” with Brooklyn MC Blahz

Nov 18, 2014

First Listen: Friday The ...

In 1995′s Friday, there is an infamous scene when Smokey finally meets his blind date.

Nov 18, 2014
shawty shawty

Shawty Shawty Talks With ...

While in Chicago, Atlanta grown comedian Shawty Shawty caught up with fellow comedian Hot Sauce

Nov 14, 2014
dukk friday

Atlanta’s Dukk To R...

Alongside music artist Branknu, Atlanta based comedian Dukk will prep to release a free comedy

Nov 12, 2014

Social Comedy


Lol: Comedian D’Lai Says Everything You Were Thinking About The “Im Not Gay No More” Viral

Nov 14, 2014

Earlier this week, a clip of a church member went viral after he claimed that through prayer he was delivered from no longer being gay. The clip which was spread through social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter caught many people off guard. D’Lai who is best known for touring on Bill Bellamy’s Ladies Night Out Tour decided share just about everything you were thinking for those who watched.


When “Flexing On Instagram” Goes Wrong Featuring Hannibal Buress

Nov 13, 2014

Sometimes on social media site Instagram, people take advantage of other people’s perception. Even the phrase ‘Flexing on Instagram’ has become a popular saying to describe when a user over exaggerates a favorable moment with a picture. Well Hannibal Buress doesn’t seem to be a fan of flexing or just straight out lying. When it came to one post in particular Buress quickly called out a would be ‘Flexer.’ Earlier today a user

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comedy hustle

damon wayans tech

Look Out Silicon Valley, Damon Wayans May Have Some Apps For You

Oct 02, 2014No Comments620 Views

Your browser does not support iframes. Taking on a different role than most of us know him for in the comedy world, Damon Wayans is looking at building

chappelle no more ice cream

Artist Chris B. Murray Ta...

In our interview with Philly based artist Chris B.

Aug 05, 2014
tony baker

Tony Baker Preps For Debu...

On August 12th, Chicago raised comedian Tony Baker will

Jul 21, 2014
red grant

Red Grant Launches Eyewea...

If you have been paying attention to Red Grant

Jul 21, 2014