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snoop dogg

Luenell, Red Grant, And Alex Thomas Enjoy Thanksgiving With Snoop

Nov 25, 2014No Comments77 Views

Just around the corner for Thanksgiving, Snoop Dogg invites a few of his comedian friends for a meal on his GGN series. Luenell, Red Grant,

michael blackson

Michael Blackson Details His Move To America, Compares It To Comedy Coming To America

Nov 25, 2014No Comments61 Views

For the Ghana born comedian, Michael Blackson’s early journey to the states before entertaining crowds wasn’t the best of times. In a recent interview with

chris rock jamie foxx

Chris Rock Wants Jamie Foxx To Play DC Mayor, Marion Barry

Nov 25, 2014No Comments59 Views

In the light of the recent death of Marion Barry, Chris Rock recently shared that he felt Jamie Foxx would be great actor to play

aries spears corey holcomb

Aries Spears And Corey Holcomb Stand Out Amongst Voices Against Darren Wilson Not Being Indicted

Nov 25, 2014No Comments273 Views

This evening communities across the country awaited to hear if officer Darren Wilson would be taking to court for the killing of unarmed black teen,

kill bill

Kill Bill Cosby?: The Assassination Of America’s Dad

Nov 25, 20141 Comment486 Views

As we all are aware of the recent rape allegations surrounding TV icon Bill Cosby, it has been clearly pointed out that many have decided

dick gregory

Dick Gregory Issues A Statement On Cosby’s Sexual Assault Allegations: “I Pray For The Truth To Come Out”

Nov 25, 2014No Comments269 Views

Following the continued sexual assault allegations on Bill Cosby, friend and fellow comedian Dick Gregory shared his words on the matter. To his fans on

sheryl underwood

Sheryl Underwood Responds To Sommore And Queens Of Comedy: “I’m Not Mad At Them”

Nov 24, 2014No Comments217 Views

In an interview with Sam Sylk on 93.1 WZAK in Cleveland, Sheryl Underwood got a chance to respond to the recent interview of fellow comedian

tony rock

An ‘Exclusive’ Night With Tony Rock Shows That Comedy Is Beyond Color

Nov 24, 2014No Comments197 Views

Comedy Hype contributor Nika Hughes recently made her way to Los Angeles’s Laugh Factory with Dane Cook as the headliner, and while there she had


Exclusive – Faizon Love Responds To Criticism On His Support For Bill Cosby: “Somebody Can Say Anything Now And We Just Jump On It Without Due Process”

Nov 24, 2014No Comments979 Views

With the current Bill Cosby sexual assault allegations gaining much attention on several outlets, comedian and actor Faizon Love recently expressed his opinion on the

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brandon t jackson

Brandon T. Jackson Stops By Th...

While in Virginia to take

Feb 21, 2014

Hannibal Buress Discuss Bill C...

Yesterday we reported that Hannibal

Oct 21, 2014
karlous miller, richard pryor, nick cannon

Nick Cannon, Karlous Miller, T...

With the new season of

Jul 07, 2014
michael che

Michael Che Receives Backlash ...

While exercising his freedom of

Oct 30, 2014

Comedy Hype Talks To Chris Dis...

Approaching our last set of

May 15, 2014


aries spears corey holcomb

Aries Spears And Corey Holcomb...

This evening communities across the

Nov 25, 2014
kill bill

Kill Bill Cosby?: The Assassin...

As we all are aware

Nov 25, 2014
tony rock

An ‘Exclusive’ Nig...

Comedy Hype contributor Nika Hughes

Nov 24, 2014

Comedy News

Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy To Get Serious In Upcoming Dramatic Film ‘Cook’

Nov 18, 2014No Comments320 Views

Like his past role in 2006′s Dreamgirls, Eddie Murphy will put the jokes on hold and take a more serious approach to things. In the

nick cannon pryor

Nick Cannon Says He’...

Guess Nick Cannon is determined to play stand-up comedy legend Richard Pryor one way or

Nov 07, 2014
dl hughley

DL Hughley Speaks On The ...

After sharing our story on white comedians being allowed to freely use the ‘N-Word’ at

Oct 29, 2014
bill cosby hannibal buress

Woah: Hannibal Buress Wan...

Interesting news coming out of Philadelphia. As Hannibal Buress makes some stops for his newly

Oct 20, 2014
on set blackson epps

Michael Blackson, And Mik...

Guess we can be getting ready for the return of another classic scene featuring Michael

Oct 15, 2014

Comedians Under The Radar

deric evans

Deric ‘Sleezy’ Evans Tells Comedy Hype What It Means To ‘Stay Local H*e’

Nov 23, 20141 Comment945 Views

We catch up with  Nashville, TN native comedian Deric ‘Sleezy’ Evans as he discuss his current hustle in comedy and how his growing clothing line


Nore Davis Announces Debu...

Rising comedian Nore Davis, has finally got a chance to offer his fans a comedy

Nov 18, 2014
Screen shot 2014-11-18 at 11.56.38 AM

Comedians Willie Lynch Jr...

On an episode of talk series “Kickin The Blah Blah Blah” with Brooklyn MC Blahz

Nov 18, 2014

First Listen: Friday The ...

In 1995′s Friday, there is an infamous scene when Smokey finally meets his blind date.

Nov 18, 2014
shawty shawty

Shawty Shawty Talks With ...

While in Chicago, Atlanta grown comedian Shawty Shawty caught up with fellow comedian Hot Sauce

Nov 14, 2014

Social Comedy


Lol: Comedian D’Lai Says Everything You Were Thinking About The “Im Not Gay No More” Viral

Nov 14, 2014

Earlier this week, a clip of a church member went viral after he claimed that through prayer he was delivered from no longer being gay. The clip which was spread through social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter caught many people off guard. D’Lai who is best known for touring on Bill Bellamy’s Ladies Night Out Tour decided share just about everything you were thinking for those who watched.


When “Flexing On Instagram” Goes Wrong Featuring Hannibal Buress

Nov 13, 2014

Sometimes on social media site Instagram, people take advantage of other people’s perception. Even the phrase ‘Flexing on Instagram’ has become a popular saying to describe when a user over exaggerates a favorable moment with a picture. Well Hannibal Buress doesn’t seem to be a fan of flexing or just straight out lying. When it came to one post in particular Buress quickly called out a would be ‘Flexer.’ Earlier today a user

The Tube

comedy hustle

damon wayans tech

Look Out Silicon Valley, Damon Wayans May Have Some Apps For You

Oct 02, 2014No Comments660 Views

Your browser does not support iframes. Taking on a different role than most of us know him for in the comedy world, Damon Wayans is looking at building

chappelle no more ice cream

Artist Chris B. Murray Ta...

In our interview with Philly based artist Chris B.

Aug 05, 2014
tony baker

Tony Baker Preps For Debu...

On August 12th, Chicago raised comedian Tony Baker will

Jul 21, 2014
red grant

Red Grant Launches Eyewea...

If you have been paying attention to Red Grant

Jul 21, 2014